"My first instinct was that he doesn't belong here," said a Von Maur employee of the sight of the dead Robbie Hawkins. He didn't belong anywhere. Said Debora Maruca-Kovac, who took in Hawkins when he fell out with his parents: "He... was like a lost pound puppy that nobody wanted." Not his parents, not his girlfriend, not McDonald's, which fired him after he was accused of stealing $17 from his till in an episode "that might have been the straw that broke the camel's back, because he couldn't take any more rejection and defeat." The rest of the article reads pretty much: ADD...depression...depression medication made him feel weird...pot...juvie...videogames..."normal"...angst. Maruca-Kovac also happens to be a nurse at the medical center victims began showing up at yesterday afternoon after he entered the mall and fired 30 rounds off his stepfather's AK-47. "I was fearful that he was going to try to commit suicide, but I had no idea that he would involve so many other families." [Washington Post]