"He Took Me In His Arms, And Staring Into My Eyes, He Said Words That Took My Breath Away"

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Sometimes the Lord knows when you need an uplifting email in your inbox, and Lord, thou hath choseth an auspicious day. Perhaps, readers, recent sudden public marital undoings have stirred up those lingering doubts, those damaging "Enlightenment" era thoughts about the fundamental alienation present within every romantic coupling, the denial imperative for following through with long-term monogamy, etc. etc. Well, allow Blair Johnson* to swing your spirits up heavenward once more! This email has been forwarded to hundreds if not thousands of alumni of two prestigious universities, because, as you will see, it is the most beautiful thing you will read all hour, or maybe even in your lifetime. Several of the forwarders attested to having been so touched by Blair's account that they were moved to read it aloud, in cars and, no doubt, from barstools; their additions have been omitted from this post so you can focus on important details, such as God's opinion on diamond settings. Leap, readers! *Name changed to protect the virginal!

————— Forwarded message —————
From: Blair Johnson
Date: Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 12:59 AM
Subject: Walter asked me to marry him, and I said

(Pictures to come in next e-mail)

Dear Family and Friends,

The subject line says it all: I'm getting married to the man of my dreams!! Last weekend, Walter asked me to marry him, and I said yes! And soon, I will be the future Mrs. Walter R.M. Montgomery!

Many of you know that I spent the month of January at home in FL, recovering from a bad case of mono. Little did I know how the Lord would use that case of mono to bless me for the rest of my life...


Resting at home in FL, I missed Walter so very much. He planned to come down and visit me halfway through my stay there. We had a beautiful time at the beach and around my hometown... but in coming to FL he also got to meet my dad. He had gotten to know my mom a couple times on her visits to VA, but he had never met my father.

Consequently, Walter called prior to his coming, if he could spend some one-on-one time with my dad. So the two shared breakfast one morning. When I asked how it went, Walter told me they had a great time talking about hunting, trucks, etc. What Walter didn't tell me was that he also asked my father for his blessing to marry me...

One week later, Walter explained to me over the phone that his parents wanted to get all his siblings together in Louisville, KY (his hometown) to celebrate some birthdays, and while he felt he should be there (his brother and sister were flying in from out-of-town too), he didn't want to spend another weekend without me... would I please go with him? I was so excited to visit his family again, (having spent Thanksgiving with them in the Fall) they are wonderfully warm and kind people, I was thrilled at the chance! So, one week after that, I returned to VA on a Thursday, only to leave the very next day on Friday. While we did enjoy a birthday dinner and light candles on the cake that night, I was soon to find out that everyone had come into town for a different celebration...

At the end of the family gathering that night, Walter nonchalantly asked his older brother Titus if he could borrow his truck the next morning. Walter wanted to take me out to his Grandpa's farm where he and his 4 brothers and sister had grown up over the years. Throughout our 7 months of dating, I have heard countless stories of Montgomery adventures on that farm - stories of planting fields and hunting deer, quail, doves, turkeys - anything that moves. I was so excited and eager to see the farm; I knew how important that land was to him since he told me that's where he learned many of life's important lessons and enjoyed God's blessings. And soon, I was to learn too.


February 16, 2008 (Best day of my life until our wedding day!)

Saturday, February 16th, Walter and I drove to the farm. Once we were inside the farm gate, he pulled out a rolled up piece of aged brown paper, tied with a piece of leather string. He told me open it. What I found was an intricate map of the farm, detailing every field, creek, and pond... but it was in the appearance of an old Spanish explorer's map. I noticed an "X" by the Duck Pond, and I looked at him, asking, "X marks the spot?" And he said, "That's right, babe. We're going on a treasure hunt!" While I have hoped for a long time that Walter would one day propose to me, I didn't expect it then because I thought our trip to the farm was a last minute thought... and I thought wrong!

With him as the off-roading driver and me as the navigator, we set out to follow the map's trails to the "X." We got out of the truck and wandered a little ways through the forest, until we got to a small clearing in the woods. It was a beautiful spot overlooking the frozen Duck Pond, the sun shining down on us through the trees. And truly, the Lord's light was shining down on us.



Suddenly, Walter stopped telling me tales of the farm. He took me in his arms, and staring into my eyes, he said words that took my breath away.

"Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh."

These words were the first words Adam said to Eve (Genesis 2:23). The first words spoken from a man to his wife. Essentially saying, God has made you to be a part of me and me to be a part of you.

Walter continued...

"Blair, I have loved you. I love you. And I will love you the rest of my life."

Tears welled in my eyes, as I watched Walter get down on one knee. It was as if time stood still when I heard his next words:

"Blair Ann Johnson, Will you marry me?"

I threw my arms around his neck in such joy,but I couldn't believe he was proposing to me! The moment for which I had waited since I was a little girl and for which I had prayed since I was 14 years old... was actually happening! I was breathing so hard!

Finally, I found the words, "Yes, Walter! Oh yes, thank you Lord, yes!" And he kissed me, and our lives were changed for the rest of our time on this earth.

And in the joy of knowing that I would be his wife and he my husband, I forgot about...


As he rose from the ground, he slipped onto my left ring finger, the most beautiful, exquisite engagement ring I could ever desire - a solitaire diamond, tiffany setting, in platinum (see pictures attached).

But the true beauty of the ring comes not from how it sparkles in the light, but its symbolism shows his heart for me.

The diamond is his great grandmother's diamond, the one she wore to his parents wedding, and I will now where to ours. What an incredibly special way to be invited into his family: on the farm of his mother's family with a ring from his father's family.

Beneath the diamond there are two small white diamonds. Walter later told me that he searched hundreds of rings of several jewelers before he found this ring (a treasure hunt, indeed!). He searched so diligently because, after asking God to show him what kind of ring to give me, he was deeply impressed with the need to find one with two smaller diamonds. The two small diamonds and one large diamond represent the following truth that will guide our marriage:

Apart from each other, we, like the two small white diamonds, are just two small creatures here on this earth.

Yet, in Christ's love, the two of us become one. As one, we shine His light, His love in a greater, more powerful way than any individual ever could alone. Our love is neither of ourselves, nor is it found on this earth. Rather, our love is a love from Heaven, created and sustained by God to demonstrate His character of goodness, righteousness, redemption, and truth. Truly, our love is a miracle, and we give God the glory for it. It is only because Jesus loves us, and we love Him, that we can

love each other.

And love each other, we do!!

A Montgomery WELCOME

After a few quiet, tender moments, we hopped into the truck and headed

—- end of quote —-

Aaaaaah, I know, right? Is this the end? Or was there MORE?? Stay tuned for another from the Blair Johnson vault.



I am so glad I didn't eat my lunch yet. I'm also sad we missed all the attached pictures! ughhhh, is it just me or is this every single fucking thing that is wrong with marriage all bundled into a barf-inducing tome of self appreciation?

I can't wait til Blair finds out Walter can't get it up in the company of women due to his extreme interest in hot young boys.