Marilyn Manson's New Paper Mag Cover: Nope.

Illustration for article titled Marilyn Manson's New Paper Mag Cover: Nope.

This is Paper magazine's new cover. Their last issue, with Kim K, was the #breaktheinternet edition. This issue is definitely going to #breakourpsyches. In three decades of obsessive magazine collecting, I have never seen a cover as scary as this one.


On second thought: Nononononononononononono. Nope. Oh, how we long for the innocent days of the Ass Wars, before this cover came along and ruined our ability to sleep for all eternity.



He looks exactly like my friend Misty when she got super drunk at Grad Night and saw her ex kissing a girl from another school and cried through her mascara and wiped her eyes like "Whatever. I'm fine! Let's go on Space Mountain!" And then she threw up.