HBO President Chris Albrecht's Hatred Of Women Predates Tony Soprano's

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For all our jokes yesterday about the likely influence of HBO's testosterone-soaked programming on the company's domestically-violent Chris Albrecht, today brings a dose of unsettling (and, unsurprising, we admit) reality: Albrecht has done it before. Today's LA Times goes with a story about Albrecht's affair and abuse of Sasha Emerson, a onetime executive and subordinate of Albrecht's at HBO's L.A. offices in the early '90s. According to the paper, after the relationship had ended (both were married at the time), Albrecht assaulted and choked Emerson after she told him she had begun seeing someone else.

And, as "Deadline Hollywood" badass Nikki Finke writes in her a column this morning, more disturbingly, Emerson not only had to leave her job (for which she was paid off by HBO) but her career was put in jeopardy because of the balding jackass with anger-management issues:

When HBO decided to pay off Emerson's multiyear contract rather than risk a scandal, one press account said she had exited "over differences of opinion with management." Not only was that a lie, but such language can cast a shadow over the most promising young exec's career. In Emerson's case, she went on to have showbiz success but no longer works in Hollywood now.


We wonder if this may be the reason that Albrecht's current girlfriend has declined to press charges against him. Although Finke wouldn't name the woman (and we're sure she knows who she is), today's Rush & Molloy column does, "outing" her as one "Karla Jensen" (seen with Albrecht in the above photo taken April 5). Jensen, according to IMDB, is a sometime TV-personality with a thin list of credits that, no doubt, could get even thinner with that association to Albrecht hanging over her. No wonder, then, that Jensen is telling people Albrecht was simply trying to help her after she wobbled on high heels.

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