HBO Honcho Beats Up Girlfriend; We Blame Floyd Mayweather, Tony Soprano

Is it a coincidence that HBO chairman Chris Albrecht was arrested for beating up a ladyfriend just hours after attending the ridiculously-hyped De La Hoya/Mayweather junior-middleweight championship? We think not! After all, ever since stiletto-stomping Carrie Bradshaw strolled off into the Parisian sunset in 2004, HBO's lineup has morphed into a testosterone-filled stronghold of blowhards (real and otherwise) like Bill Maher, Titus Pullo, and Ari Gold. So we wouldn't be surprised if this weekend's one-two punch of the De La Hoya/Mayweather fisticuffs and a bloodthirsty new The Sopranos episode sent Albrecht over the edge. It almost enough to make us long for the Cosmo-swilling days of Sex And The City. At least with that show, the collateral damage inflicted on women involved an obsession with shopping and superficiality, not assault and battery.

HBO Chairman Held In Dispute With Girlfriend [NYTimes]
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