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Hawaii Cops Decide They Probably Don't Need to Have Sex With Hookers

Illustration for article titled Hawaii Cops Decide They Probably Dont Need to Have Sex With Hookers

Oh good; at least some law enforcement officials are coming to their senses about the world's stupidest law ever.

According to NPR, cops in Honolulu now totally agree with sane people everywhere that a stupid state law which decriminalizes police having sex with prostitutes in the course of their duties is dumb. So very, very dumb:

The Honolulu Police Department "agrees that the sexual penetration language in the law that they are exempt from should no longer be an exemption for police officers," State Sen. Clayton Hee, a Democrat, told [KHON]. Hee chairs the state Senate's Judiciary and Labor Committee.


Honolulu Police Maj. Jerry Inouye told KHON "[the]HPD has never allowed police officers to have sex with prostitutes and that HPD only wanted to keep 'the part that allows an officer to make a verbal agreement for sex for money because that's the crux for most prostitution investigations.' "

Well, that's probably a good thing.

A Senate panel has already amended House Bill 1926 to make it illegal for police officers to have sex with prostitutes they are trying to bust. The bill now awaits a full Senate vote.


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