Having Kids Will Make You Sad • A 10-Year-Old Gives Birth

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Having kids sends many couples into downward spiral of sadness. •Albena Danailova has been made the first female concertmaster (or leader of the first violin section) of the Vienna State Opera. • More Austrian news! Crazy-Dad Fritzl says he was aware he was abusing/raping daughter but wanted "lots of children." • The UK is trying to promote more women to join the aerospace sector. • Uh, duh: incontinence and other pelvic organ disorders can limit a woman's libido. • A 10-year-old gives birth and a Latino immigrant is arrested on rape charges. • Australia outlaws nipple and genital piercings for children under 16-years-old. • Women are more easily persuaded face-to-face while men prefer e-mail. • The Brits are trying really hard to persuade people! They claim that nagging also works. • The age-gap widens as men get older and marry younger women. • After Eight Bells, Jockey Panel plans to review thoroughbreds. • A woman files a claim against Norwalk, CT claiming dog poop ruined her family outing. • Asshole-of-the-day runs over and kills a 13-pound dog and then sues owners for damages to his car.

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A few years ago I kept noticing that men in my age group (and older) where dating women 10+ years younger than me. I just turned 41. I am not old!

I met a 50 year old dj who I thought was cute. Know what? He only dates women in their 20s and 30s. He has children almost 20!

Raping a 10 year old merits some serious jail time. I'm not sure why the sheriff thought a 10 year old couldn't get pregnant. It is wrong yes, but I and other women I've met started menstruating at 8 years old AND were had to wear bras. Yes, that was 3rd grade for me so it is very possible for some girls.