Now that we've provided more guidelines for successful commenting on Jezebel, it's time to talk about coloring outside the lines via our formidable reader forum for anything and everything off-topic: #groupthink.

(Click any image below in order to enlarge it.)

What's "off-topic"? What is "#groupthink"? "Off-topic" is any comment or comment thread that deviates from the subject matter in the post at hand. Obviously, conversations evolve and take turns, which is more than fine by us. What aren't acceptable are comments that come out of the blue and have nothing to do with the subject matter laid out in the post, or comments that denigrate, disrespect or dismiss the post topic by shifting focus elsewhere. Which leads us to... #groupthink, the Jezebel reader forum that is open 24/7 and serves as a repository for starting conversations or continuing conversations that have strayed off topic in comments on posts on the blog itself. (Commenting rules still apply here.)


Take a look at this:


(Click to enlarge.) As you'll see, directly below the "skyline" of featured stories is a submission field where you can send us tips or post to the #groupthink page simply by typing in your submission and adding a hashtag phrase (for tips, follow up your tip with #tips; to add to the open forum, follow up your missive with #groupthink). If you want to go directly to the tips or groupthink pages, you can also simply click on the #tips or #groupthink links to the right of the submission box.

Here's a glance at the #groupthink page, as it looked at 5:38pm last night:


(Click to enlarge.) As you'll see, #groupthink is full of lively discussions on everything from dating to delicious meals. And it's always open for business.

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