Have You Seen Everything on 2012's Definitive List of Internet Experiences?

Writer and internet fiend Greg Rutter has compiled a list of 66 webpages, sites, memes, and fascinations that you should enjoy before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st. So, you have about a week to truly live this year. ARE YOU WOMAN ENOUGH?

Also, what do you think is missing from the list? Off the top of my head, how about every single squee? And the 21 pictures that restore your faith in humanity? Because faith in humanity needs constant restoration. And no Mr. Rogers remixed? Unmasking Violentacrez? And how to make a rape joke? I guess there's just too much Internet for one year to contain.

And NO GRUMPY CAT? Serious oversight.

And there's a few undeserving things on the list — two spots to the burger review? Come on!

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