Have you ever actually used a female condom? Yeah, neither have we. And people who have actually bothered to try them out didn't like them, saying they were "awkward, unsightly, noisy and slippery." Well, the New York Times reports that scientists are taking another stab at developing a better version that people will actually use. Apparently, a good female condom could be important in poorer countries, where married women are one of the highest risk groups for contracting AIDS, and where the use of condoms is taboo, suggesting that the wife has been unfaithful. The new version is made of softer, thinner polyurethane to better "transmit warmth," is undetectable, and has "dots of adhesive foam that adhere to the vaginal walls," and "moves more like a vagina" during sex. [NY Times]


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We use this all the time so I'll answer some of the many questions here. 1. The female condom is not complicated. It takes my guy longer to put on a regular condom, than it takes him to put the FC in me. (Yeah, I could do it myself, but we've gotten into this thing where sometimes he stimulates me with the FC when he's applying it.) It's my guy's fave contraceptive — in fact if we have the sponge and condoms in the house, it's 11pm at night and we discover we're out of the female condom, he will RUN TO THE STORE for it instead of using something else. 2. It took us a few times to get the hang of using it, but if you're doing it right, it won't make a racket. 3. This product is most important for young unattached women because a lot of STDs (herpes for instance) often go from the guy's balls to the woman's area. Male condom doesn't protect us from diseases on the balls and base of the dick. The FC does. 4. Not uncomfortable. The upper ring sits exactly where you put your diaphragm; the outer ring isn't even in you, and it's cushy-soft, not hard. 5. The whole item comes lightly pre-lubed. I don't suggest pre-lubing the exterior (that's probably what went wrong for the gal who says hers slid out), but pre-lubing the guy when he starts is what helped us figure the whole toy out. These days we don't have to bother with adding lube any more. 6. Why does it look "huge"?: it doesn't seem huge to me, but you're probably accustomed to looking at condoms. This item is a bit larger so that ideally the only spot where it's touching the guy is at point of entry.