Have You Always Wanted to Go on a Blind Date With A Celebrity?

Fox has just announced a new show called The Choice, which is basically The Voice meets The Bachelor meets The Dating Game. Eligible single celebrities will be seated in rotating chairs, with their backs turned to a single hopeful regular plebe. In other words, they won't see the person they're being set up with.

The Choice will include a "blind round," in which each celebrity can only use his suitors' voice to make the decision. If and when the celebrity bachelor likes what he hears, he pulls his "love handle," causing the seat to spin around to face his potential mate.


Love. Handle.

Fox hasn't yet announced who the celebs will be, but I bet anything Jennifer Love Hewitt has volunteered to be included. I'm also guessing Taylor Swift has been contacted. Personally, my dream contestants would be Rihanna, Aziz Ansari, Alexander Skarsgård, Wilmer Valderrama, Benicio Del Toro, Nicki Minaj and Sharon Needles. Just for the sheer WTF of it all. If they really want shit to get interesting, they will throw in interracial dating, drag queens and Marilyn Manson. But I digress. Since I have an unabashed love of game shows, I will be watching the crap out of this. Mark your calendars, it airs June 7! And it seems like it will be way better than than Conveyor Belt Of Love.

[The Hollywood Reporter]



This seems way too similar to that E! show where people agreed to be fixed up with a celebrity only to have to go on a date with people like Screech, Gary Coleman, the guy who played Eddie Monster and Vicki from The Love Boat.

Something tells me that you wouldn't even be getting Ryan Seacrest level of celebrity but instead would have to pick between Daniel Tosh and an evening of rape jokes or someone from Jersey Shore and alcohol poisoning.