What’s Brad Gonna Say When Angie Drags This Big Bear Into Their House?

Images via screengrab.
Images via screengrab.

By the Sea director Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh were driving through Toluca Lake, CA on Sunday when they passed two young children trying to sell an enormous stuffed bear named “Big Bear” for $50. So what did Angie do? Angie slammed on the brakes of her off-white Cadillac (unexpected, no?), stepped out, handed fifty bucks to each child, and shoved the dang thing in her trunk.


It’s a nice first act of a story (I recommend you watch the video on TMZ, if only to hear Angie’s very odd, seemingly put-on accent), but what about act two? What will happen when Angie yanks that thing out of her trunk and drags it into her home? What’s Brad gonna say?

Below are some possibilities:

  • This is the biggest one you could find?
  • Some bear!
  • I’ll be damned. You did it.
  • (whispers) Who’s the bear?
  • But did you remember to get more ketchup? You didn’t, did you.
  • Please tell me you didn’t steal this.
  • When you said you were bringing home a bear, I thought you meant...Shiloh cover your ears.
  • Is George in there?
  • Is Amal in there?
  • I thought I said no more giant stuffed animals unless they’re capybaras!
  • You’ve been gone six days! I’ve been worried sick!
  • You meant that “bear with me” text literally?
  • Ya did good, Angie. Ya did good.

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2 words. Bed Bugs

ETA: it was a pretty cute clip.