It's so rad that opera openings are becoming a cause celebre again: take last night's star-studded Met premiere of Rossini's "Le Comte Ory" — sponsored By Yves Saint Laurent, no less.

Love love love Rebecca Hall's haute-Stevie elegance, which prior to writing those words I didn't realize was a thing.

Raquel Zimmermann — and YSL — are among the few who can make this whole "vent" thing work, and work spectacularly.


Christine Baranski verges on cocooned — on anyone less regal it might go over the line — but all in all stays totally elegant.


So distinct, both so fab! Seriously, I can't decide whether I prefer Ashley's ladylike turn or MK's signature haute-boho.

Claudia Schiffer.


Claire Danes, completely flawless. YSL, natch.

And you didn't think we'd deny you Dancy?


Julianna Margulies takes "statement necklace" to uncomfortable new heights.

Emmy Rossum may appear to be standing on one foot, but she looks vibrant doing it in draped silk.