Happy morning after, friends! Today the royal We is heading to Sandringham, England to celebrate Xmas with the Windsors and their collective hats, like ya do. Sounds less than thrilling? Just you wait!

Zara Philips' rakish topper is kinda Nancy Cunard-ish, which is to say 1930s haute bohemian. Do you ever think about how you'd dress if you were a royal? No? Oh...um, me neither.

I'd thought there was some kind of prohibition against rakish black togs, but obviously princess Beatrice would know that kind of protocol better than I.


Liz is looking ever so slightly Tyrol...a nod to German antecedents?


Princess Eugenie's beret situation may verge on uninspiring, but the color combo is sharp.

Camilla's hair is as mysterious as ever, but the services of whoever the royal milliner (and there are probably a few, because I know some of them use Philip Treacy and you know the Queen's not using Philip Treacy) are being put to good use.


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