Hating The Word "Lurve"...

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Sometimes reading all the bullshit we have to read every day on the internet allows us to claim obnoxious pieces of slang as our own, somehow rendering them inoffensive and even a little bit cute by virtue of our own totally ironic re-appropriations. This is not happening with "lurve." Look up "lurve" on Technorati and you will inevitably be assaulted by links to blogs with names like "Pink Is The New Blog" and "London Underground Fashion Victims." Chick shit, in other words. It's even been abused by the likes of our favorite Conde Nast women's mag blogger, the adorable Ashley Baker (right), who threw out the term in blog posting she put up today. Anna and Moe, fed up with the silliness, decided to discuss.


Annanova: when exactly did LURVE become something it was acceptable and un-embarrassing to say?
Moesha: Hmmmm. somewhere on the internet there is probably an answer to that question
Annanova: and is it something women over 30 say? oh wait, you're the wrong person to ask.
Moesha: hahaha
Moesha: i think women over 30 say it. women over thirty who are like in fashion
Annanova: well they should be shot. oh! did i just sound like peter braunstein?

Moesha: is there an origin of the word i don't know about ?
Annanova: I dunno. but it's both pretentious and cutesy at the same time, which is a doubly-annoying-whammy
Annanova: it also reminds me of the word "perv"
Moesha: i think it's for people who have too many BFFs
Moesha: whom they "love"
Moesha: so they don't have a word that is undiluted enough to express the emotion they feel toward their
Moesha: balenciaga
Moesha: Lurve, to me, says: "I took lots of highly impractical theory classes in school"
Moesha: "And have no debt"
Moesha: It says i go on all-day shiatsu/bistro/pilates/tea dates with my friends
Moesha: and subscribe to Granta
Moesha: do i read it?
Moesha: NEIN.
Moesha: but I LURVE how it looks on my coffee table, which I also LURVE, it is from some design boutique in the flatiron district that makes Design Within Reach look, well, impossibly WITHIN REACH.
Moesha: lurve also reminds me too much of "louvre"
Moesha: i have never been to the louvre
Moesha: but anyone who says "lurve" studied in paris
Annanova: what if julie started using "lurve". would you call her out on it?
Moesha: YES.
Annanova: or any other close friend? i'm debating as to whether i would. then again, i've never actually heard it uttered. just seen it written.
Moesha: yeah it's totally just written
Moesha: I don't think my bffs would do it though.
Annanova: so have we decided exactly why "lurve" needs to go?
Moesha: the same reason Whole Foods needs to die
Annanova: because it's too expensive?
Moesha: the same reason our logo couldn't be one of those nameplate necklaces
Annanova: HAHA
Moesha: it's a new yorky ref warmed over seventeen thousand times removed from annie hall already and we are allowed to hate new york because we live here



GUYS!!! It's Woody Allen."Annie Hall". It was part of the lexicon of my college years (late 90's) (which wasn't embarassing then - it was a Woody Allen reference!) Proof: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q…

I agree that it's annoying as co-opted by lazy bloggers, but let's not hate it, let's bemoan its perversion. That said, I lurve you guys.