Hate Your Well-Paying, High-Profile Job? Be A Jezebel Career Mentor!

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When women hop jobs on Wall Street, they're much more likely to maintain their "star power" than men, a Harvard Business School study recently found. The reason was obvious, yet interesting: while men tend to achieve their standing by kissing ass within their respective firms, women look outside their firms to build their networks, in hopes of becoming the types of employees who are indispensable regardless of office politics, secure in their expertise no matter what the internal situation at the office. It totally makes sense; anyone who's ever worked in a male-dominated workplace knows it's usually a waste of time to try and become "one of the guys" when you can keep out of the bullshit and harmlessly flirt with clients instead. And without further ado, well...we're looking for someone who's learned some of these lessons — maybe even the "hard way" — to be our career advice columnist. We're not looking for writers so much as we're looking for a woman who has achieved some modicum of success in a professional field and is searching for an honest outlet to (anonymously) dispense some of her wisdom.

We'd like someone who's been around the block — hired, promoted, laid off, the works — who can be candid about the sacrifices women must make to survive professionally amidst a recession, and offer thoughtful advice as to how to dig out of crap jobs and shitty situations. We'd love it if she's given some thought of her gender as it pertains to the workplace; put another way, we're not interested in the rare woman who's worked primarily in female-dominated fields (not that there are many to speak of.) We'd love it if she shared our obsession with Julie Roehm, but that's just a pipe dream.

Know anyone who sounds like this? (It could be you, of course; we understand that Jezebel is, ahem, a must-read in a lot of professional industries. However.) Tell her to have her people call my people...or uh, anyway, email me. Think of it as a mitzvah for working womanity!


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@TheFormerJuneBronson: thank you! i actually thought long and hard about museum work, but in the end i'm pretty sure teaching is where i want to end up. also, i'm 100% sure i won't be paying for my degree. it's just too damn expensive, so i made a promise to myself that i'll only go if i get funding. which is of course making the wait even more nervewracking.