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Hate The Parents: Lynne & Jamie Spears; Jack Birch

Illustration for article titled Hate The Parents: Lynne  Jamie Spears; Jack Birch

Finally: Someone calls out Britney Spears' parents for their part in her breakdown, and it's none other than big-mouthed Billy Bass comedienne Sandra Bernhard. Bernhard is reportedly railing against Lynne and Jamie Spears, blaming them for Britney's struggles of late. Says Sandra: "I think she was basically co-opted by her parents at a very young age, forced into this business. And it's not completely her fault that she's flipping out....Having an eight year old kid myself and knowing the vulnerability of a child and being thrown into that disgusting, slimy world of Disney. I mean I can't think of a more horrible thing to do to your child."


Neither can we, unless of course, you're Jack Birch, actress Thora Birch's father (and an actor who appeared in famous '70s blue movie Deep Throat). According to Page Six, the elder Birch insisted on being present during a sex scene starring his 25-year-old daughter and actor Dean Winters on the Schenectady set of the film drama The Winter of Frozen Dreams. "It was so wrong. The director is saying, 'Harder! Faster!' and the father is giving Winters the thumbs up," a source said, adding, ""It was the most bizarre, perverse scene. One girl on the crew broke down crying."

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