Hate The Parents (Ed Burns, That Is)

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The sight of Christy Turlington's adorable daughter Grace both brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of how much we loathe the guy partly responsible for her charm, "filmmaker" Ed Burns. We never much liked Ed, mostly because of his misguided belief in the artistic merit of his Miramax-backed "indie" films, which are, for all intents and purposes, total crap. And we really didn't like the actor/director's recent commentary regarding all the "crazy bitches" he once dated. (Takes one to know one!). But mostly we loathe Ed cause he's a talentless hack who thinks he's the Irish-American Woody Allen (We chafed at this when it came out) and because he's always seemed like a smug asshole.


(New York, May 10; Image via Splash)



This is so unprofessional of me, but I once worked with the two of them in a pro bono capacity as in FOR FREE and as a favor to Christy for her Smoking Is Ugly campaign. He supposedly came up with a script idea for a spot, but people from my company had to write the speaking part for Christy because he couldn't be bothered to do it. Then, at the shoot, he literally stood in front of the monitor with his body so that we couldn't see the shots. When we asked him to have Christy do something to make the shot better, he very coldly said, "no," and basically made it obvious that he had no regard for us and wished we weren't there. This was around the time their relationship was new (before they broke up and got back together) so in between takes they made goo goo eyes at each other while the whole set barfed.