Hate The Parents: Coco Cox Arquette

We don't really "hate" Courteney Cox and David Arquette. We're just mildly annoyed by them (bad acting on Dirt on her part; awful, look-at-me outfits on his). But we kinda love their daughter Coco. There's that top-knot, for starters. The kind-of-age-inappropriate aqua sunglasses. (What is she, three? Four?). The adorable Mary Janes-with-socks action.

We also love a little girl who knows how to throw a fit (if she's like other rich American girls, she'll sublimating her rage into eating disorders and obsessive shopping soon enough!). And in this pic, Coco is definitely having none of something. (That something would be: Waiting for her car at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills).


[Image via Splash News]

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