Fox News' Sean Hannity caught up with Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the campaign trail in Florida this weekend and his interviews with the women aired on Hannity and Colmes last night. In her speech introducing Palin, Hasselbeck said that she was excited to be able to "talk for five minutes without being interrupted." Well, with Hannity, she talked for more than five minutes, and it was all the same shit she says on The View: Obama has close relationships with radicals, Palin and McCain are perfect, blah, blah, blah. She also discussed "T-shirt gate," and how the liberal media thinks that Obama's "friendships" with Bill Ayers and Tony Rezco don't matter and that the same "liberal" media is sexist when it comes to Palin because they only want to talk about her clothes. In other news, Elisabeth is apparently T.O.'d at Joy's impersonation of her in her comedy act. Clip above.
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