Has The Whole World Lost Its Corset?

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Well look, just when I'm all like, everything's so boring, everyday I say the same shit, it's like, "Oust Yr Leader" day out there in the world! Vladimir Putin fired his entire government, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stepped down, Brazil's Lula just narrowly escaped being sacked for corruption, and Pervez Musharaff's approval ratings among the people of Pakistan are lower than Osama Bin Laden's. Another massive earthquake shook Indonesia, and Hillary Clinton's hold on the Democratic nomination could be in jeopardy if the story surrounding how that shady Chinese fugitive fashion guy raised/stole from iconic hippie music festival organizing sellouts all that money for her campaign, were at all comprehensible to anyone who was not a journalist,


while all the formerly pro-choice Republicans now shamelessly appealing to the Christian Right are vulnerable to their formerly pro-choice opponents' attempts to accuse them of shamelessly appealing to the Christian right and/or their disingenuous attempts to smear their fellow formerly pro-choice candidates.
And then: Britney. Senior ephemera analyst Simon Cowell weighed in to say he believes she's stomped out the last dying ember of her "career", though they said that about Marion Barry and even Britney was not too high realize she "looked like a fat pig" while attempting to pull a Nawaz Sharif. And the Bush Administration is still piling money into brainwashing Americans into believing Iraq is linked to 9/11 as it crafts its doubtless surefire plan to spread democracy in the Middle East by bombing Iran. Oh well; can't blame a world for trying!

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The more I look at that picture, the more I believe it's symbolic of our world affairs. The dancers represent the rest of the world (Russia, China, Iran, etc.), including al-Qaeda (the dancer in shadow). Britney is America: we're wealthy, sexual exhibitionists, not in "fighting shape" (shall we say), dumb as shit, confused by our self-delusion, completely out of sync with the world (to their obvious distress), don't give a damn about child welfare, "Christian," celebrity-obsessed, spiraling towards self-destruction, and no one will intervene on our behalf (no Bush impeachment).