Has someone in the Right-to-Life lobby been peeking at the decidedly anti-life Jezebel? Because the day after our post on Vogue's meticulously styled partial-birth abortion essayist, a pro-life website called LifeSite wrote an editorial about Vogue's attempts to bring the procedure "into vogue." "With Vogue's usual mastery of imagery, Campbell has been depicted as an archetype of the beautiful happy young mother, with both her and her daughter dressed immaculately in clothes strongly reminiscent of the idealized 1950's family," the press release notes, condemning the writer's decision to "kill her baby" before closing with a paragraph we might have written ourselves: "Vogue, owned by Conde Nast Publications, is a major engine of the women's movement, but is often criticized for valuing solely material wealth, appearance and social position and is regularly accused of creating an unhealthy weight-obsessed idealized body-image among young women." [LifeSite]


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