Has Amy Poehler Done Something with Her Hair?

Have you ever listened to Scott Aukerman's podcast Comedy Bang Bang? You should because it's the absolute best (unless of course, you hate things that are zany and playful, in which case, move right along) — it's so good in fact that it's been turned into a TV series by IFC. The show doesn't premiere until June 8th, but so far the previews are setting the bar pretty high. First there was Jon Hamm making music with CBB co-host Reggie Watts and now here's a clip of Aukerman sitting down with our collective girlfriend Amy Poehler. Wait, did she do something with her hair?


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tiny hindlimb

It probably means I'm a horrible person, but I can't get into Comedy Bang Bang. It's a lot of pointless unfunny rambling, which I do plenty of aloud to myself. I am, of course, excepting all episodes featuring Jon Hamm or Aziz.