'Harper's Bazaar' Editor Glenda Bailey: Smart But Stubborn

It's Day 2 of our stylnalysis (yeah we made that word up) of women's magazine editors' signatures: Today we've got graphologist Sheila Kurtz's take on charmingly batty Harper's Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey (rendered at left as a Simpsons character from the August issue, the one brilliant idea in the magazine in God-knows how long). After the jump, handwritten evidence that Ms. Bailey and the essentially irrelevant fashion magazine she oversees — Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie on the cover of the June issue? What would Vreeland think??? — may be so stubbornly (and sadly!) clueless that both are beyond the point of professional repair.

This writer shows a presence. The signature is big, clear, and in your face, in a nice way.

The 'e' is very open. She listens carefully to new ideas, lets them percolate in her mind in an analytical (and methodical) way.

There is a long, straight down-stroke of the G, a sign of determination to follow through.
There are tent-like forms in the 'a' in Glenda, and between the 'e' and the 'n'. These are signs that the writer will hold to a position long after she knows she was mistaken, but the signature is too small a sample to say so for sure.


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