Harper's Bazaar Cover Dares To Show A 56-Year-Old Woman's Wrinkles

Here is a photo of a beautiful actress named Angela Molina on the new cover of Harper's Bazaar Spain. This photo apparently somehow made it onto the cover without going through too much Photoshopping? The magazine isn't calling it "unretouched" or anything, as best as we can tell, but the cover certainly looks only lightly retouched, to our eye. There's...skin texture! And it's beautiful! Seriously, it is just so striking to see an actor on the cover of a major magazine who looks like a person, and not a weird latex doll-robot with glowing eyes. You may remember Molina as (one of the actors who plays) Conchita in Cet Obscur Objet du Désir. (Which if you haven't seen yet, run, don't, etc. Also, dig the Buñuel epigraph on the mag cover — synergy!) If you speak Spanish, there's an interview with Molina here. [Fashion Copious, HB Spain]


As predicted, Iris Apfel kinda hates the shoes Jimmy Choo named after her. "I'd never wear these!" she told WSJ. To be fair, the shoes are pretty fug. [The Cut]

Vogue was there to photograph Caroline Trentini's wedding. She wore a dress by Olivier Theyskens that was actually made of gold satin, covered in thick grayish paint. Theyskens also designed the white leather minidress Trentini changed into for the reception. [Vogue]

Dove Australia has a novel proposition: if you download its new app, instead of seeing annoying Internet ads for pills that allegedly make your boobs bigger and The Number One Weight-Loss Secret Your Grandma Knew And Didn't Tell You Seriously Everyone's Talking About It Behind Your Back It's Like One Big Conspiracy, you can sometimes see ads for Dove. With cutesy body-positive messages. How benevolent of Dove, to bring more people the gift of its advertising. That Unilever is such a class act. [AdWeek]


  • Anne Vyalitsyna has been trying to make her butt bigger for six years but her butt just won't do it. Here's how she's been trying to enlarge her gluteus-ain't-so-maximus:

    "I have been working on my butt for six years. Like every woman, my dream is to have a Brazilian ass. Maybe it's because I used to do track and field or it's just how my body is built, but with every exercise I do, it goes to my legs. My butt stays small. My butt doesn't want to do the work, so I need to add a little bit of weight to force my muscles to get bigger."

    Anne Vyalitsyna's butt lives in joyful hope that one day it might find the means to expand. [Allure]

    J.C. Penney is getting sued over its new square logo — or at least, over the giant, light-up, freestanding sign version of its new square logo. The branding firm who worked on the design claims that the corporation "misappropriated" its design — essentially, the branding firm made a large, square plastic box that lights up — by contracting with other companies to build copies of the square. [WWD]

    The first 12 designers to be selected for the Council of Fashion Designers of America's new business incubator program in 2010 have now graduated. So how'd they do? Well, Prabal Gurung is hot to trot — his company now counts eight employees, 72 retail accounts, and regular editorial credits from the top magazines. Bibhu Mohapatra and Waris Ahluwalia's labels have also grown. One designer, Tom Scott, dropped out after losing an investor. And one brand, Jolibe, actually lost retail accounts: it decided it could make more money doing custom work and selling its wares directly online. Ten young designers will take their place at the rent-subsidized Garment District work space next month. [NYTimes]

    The New Yorker killed the word "slacks," on the Twitter. Having established the pointlessness of that word, the magazine will not use it on its Web site for a period of one week. [TNY]

    The Met says it will livestream the red-carpet arrivals portion of the Costume Institute ball — otherwise known as Anna Wintour's Oscars — which is set to take place this year on May 7. [@MetMuseum]

    Alistair Carr is out as the creative director of Pringle of Scotland, after just over a year in the job. He replaced Clare Waight Keller, and will in turn be replaced by the "design team." [Telegraph]

    Yeah, if you pay $5,000 for an unpaid, three-month internship at Alice + Olivia, you are an idiot. [CharityBuzz]

    All of the designers who've sold garments to Saks Fifth Avenue on the show Fashion Star find they cannot afford to buy their clothes. So they go to the store and visit them. Presumably, the designers could also visit their designs in their own workrooms, no? [Racked]

    French luxury conglomerate PPR, which owns such concerns as Puma, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and Gucci, saw its revenues rise 15.4% year-on-year, to $4.27 billion, during the quarter just ended. The luxury division led the charge, growing by 29.1%, to revenues of $1.91 billion. [WWD]

    Hugo Boss's profits rose 14% during the last quarter, to $124.8 million. [WWD]

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