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Hark! The Pope Hath Tweeted His First Tweets

Illustration for article titled Hark! The Pope Hath Tweeted His First Tweets

Everyone is expressing their excitement over 12/12/12 in different ways, whether it be by throwing 12/12/12 parties, updating their Facebook status or getting married. (I celebrated by hitting snooze 3 times and eating oatmeal.) Even Benedict XVI, the pope himself, is excited. Why else would he use today to send out his first ever tweet?


Okay, cool. That's friendly, albeit a little dry. What else you got, Papa?


Introspective. I like it. It makes him less untouchable — like, if the Pope wonders about these things than maybe he's a lot more similar to you and me than we had expected.

Oh, wait. He knew the answer.


Alright, that one had a bit of a Russell Brand feel.


With practice, the Pope can only get better and better at this. Here are some cool things he might tweet once he's more integrated into Twitter culture:

  • @Pontifex: My dream dinner guests are Jesus and Vonnegut. Who are yours? #dreamdinner
  • @Pontifex: haha, can't stop listening @taylorswift13:):) MY LIFE =D lol
  • @Pontifex: Rocking my ferragamos with a tall ass hat #swag
  • @Pontifex: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

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I still don't trust him. This is just another Sith mind game.