Hard-Working Religious White Person Tim Tebow Adds 'Acting' to His Resume

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Here's Tim Tebow simultaneously ruining and improving a commercial for TiVo. This guy, am I right?? I just don't get how one little white dude can get so much press for being mediocre at a sport. Oh wait, that's just called "the news", isn't it? And also, "history".

Poor TiVo. I wonder if they were like, "OH SHIT" when they first saw this and hella people were fired and heads rolled? Or maybe they think this is Ryan Locte-style funny? I'm pretty sure it's not but maybe it'll grow on me!?


Tim Tebow Will Not Win Any Acting Awards for This TiVo Ad [AdWeek]

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I'm feeling way out of the loop again - I'm only vaguely aware of Tebow from the Tebowing thing a while back.

Could someone provide some context for the scorn here? Seems about on-par with the usual athlete endorsement level of acting, why is this guy the worst?