Hard-Partying Women Choose Life Without Weens

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Groups like sex-abstinence movement Silver Ring Thing may be marketing chastity, but since the group is endorsed by parents (and, you know, Jesus), it's not really making celibacy "cool." Enter The Prim and Proper Pussy Club (The PPPC). Based in the London borough of Hackney, this group of ladies say they could "give Amy Winehouse competition in the debauchery stakes," except that they are all celibate. The organization has nothing to do with religion. So why the hell would these girls voluntarily give up sex? In an interview with The Guardian, PPPC charter member "Miss Angeline" says:

No two girls in the club are here for the same reason—some girls were sexually abused, some prefer intimacy over sex, some think that abstinence is the new laid. For me, abstinence is part of a personal quest. It is the realisation that freedom in its purest form comprises of not being addicted to anyone, especially the male body. I gave up having sex and, though the first few months were torture, I am now as free as I can be in a capitalist world.


Whoa. So in this age of sex, sex, sex, is turning away from fucking the new punk?

There are a few odd things about the PPPC; for one, its exclusivity. A woman can only become a member if she's been invited by another member. Also, the women don't flaunt their association with the PPPC; instead, they remain anonymous and assign pseudonyms to themselves. They also don't have Facebook or MySpace groups. Are they ashamed of their re-virginity? No, they say. It's in the interest of keeping it "young, fresh and interesting." They fear the club going "mainstream," thus stripping it of its coolness. That's kinda how we felt about Green Day when we were in high school.


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Really, this is much easier to understand if you know about the men available in Hackney.