Happy Hunting: Here’s Your First Look at Season 4 of Homeland

Homeland may have relocated to Pakistan and Afghanistan, but Carrie Mathison is still just as in-your-face, telling people to "get the fuck out of " her face.


I gotta be honest. The extend of my knowledge of Homeland is limited to that Sesame Street parody "Homelamb," but here's a description of the upcoming season (via Entertainment Weekly):

The show has an entirely new setting — the season largely takes place overseas in Pakistan and Afghanistan as CIA case officer Carrie struggles to maintain stability in the region following the pullout of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Plus there are several new cast members as well, including Corey Stoll, Suraj Sharma, Laila Robins, and Michael O'Keefe.

Also, here's the first poster, featuring Claire Danes in a sea of burqa-clad women which, out of context, seems like an odd visual that relies on the aesthetics of othering. But I'm sure (hoping) the easy-to-digest promo image makes sense with the context of the show.

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I love this show. I know a lot of people thought it jumped the shark last season but I found that it unfolded really suspensefully, and (SPOILER) I thought the way Brody's death was handled was riveting and heartbreaking. I'm excited about the new locale and cast members (Corey Stoll what whaaaat?)