Happy Hump Day!

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I am reader-sometimes-commenter Soy-bean. A few nights ago, I took the attached pic of my foster kitten, Xena the Warrior Princess. Xena is the only surviving kitten of her litter – her siblings all succumbed to a horrible infection (either upper respiratory or distemper) when they were around 5-6 weeks old. I did everything I could to save them, but they were asymptomatic until just a few hours before passing (sometimes called fading kitten syndrome). Xena, though – she really earned her name! She was horribly, horribly sick – I have never seen such a sick animal.

After weeks of nursing care, syringe feedings, sub-cutaneous fluid treatments, and fearing that she was going to die, Xena is finally out of the woods and super-close to being ready for adoption. She has also become addicted to my laptop – I can't open it without her running right up to it and jumping on the keyboard!

Just thought you folks might like a cute kitten pic to brighten your day!


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Erin Gloria Ryan

I have a cat named Eleanor Roosevelt. She doesn't like other cats, but I think that I could force her to love Xena.