Happy Hump Day

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[Osnabrueck, Germany; May 6. Image via Getty]

A flamingo rests during a rain shower in its enclosure at the zoo in the northern German city of Osnabrueck on May 6, 2009. A new Africa section named 'Takamanda' is to be built at the zoo. AFP PHOTO DDP / DAVID HECKER GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read DAVID HECKER/AFP/Getty Images)


And for the cute:

Illustration for article titled Happy Hump Day

A six month old southern white rhinoceros calf (Ceratotherium simum) Lisimba (L) walks with his mother Lulu in their indoor-home at Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Budapest on May 5, 2009. Due to the brother-sister relationship of the zoo's rhinos, veterinarians of the Budapest Zoo in co-operation with their colleagues from Germany and Austria used artificial insemination. This was the second successful birth of a rhino in the Budapest Zoo using artificial insemination. AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEK (Photo credit should read ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images)

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Today has been a long day and now all I want to do is drink white wine while petting a white rhino.