Happy Holocaust Awareness Week, everyone. (It's also Eating Disorder Awareness week, but, uh yeah, I'm going to pass on making a connection between the two.) As the token grandchild-of-Holocaust survivors, I call attention to these Anne Frank-related news stories: Hillel Colorado commissioned a poster bearing the copy "Millions of Americans don't believe there was a Holocaust." The image? The spine of The Diary of Anne Frank with a library "Fiction" label affixed to it. Also: The first-ever photo of Anne Frank's boyfriend, Peter Schifft, has been published and the diary of a girl who was not Anne Frank but chronicled her own experiences as a teen in the Warsaw ghetto has been restored and is on display at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. [AdRants, Editor & Publisher, Telegraph]

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@dayglo: well, i should add a disclaimer that i personally haven't done this research, but i listened to an excellent presentation on it last year. essentially, nazi doctors (this is all the doctors over the course of the nazi regime, not just mengele and the camp experimentors) mapped the female reproductive cycle, figured out an awful lot about fertility/infertility problems, came up with more effective sterilization techniques (which is terrifying when you think of their goals), etc. from what i heard, nazis went a long way towards modernizing ob/gyn research and practice.

but again, i have decided to give credit for those discoveries to the victims, not the doctors.