Happy Heathen Holidays

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Torie Bosch has a piece on Slate about the joys of celebrating a godless Christmas, something many of us are probably very familiar with.


While I was raised Catholic, I can relate to Bosch’s description of the secularized Christmas holiday. For Bosch, Christmas means tangled lights, cookies, nutcrackers, Law & Order, and family. Bosch admits that she once felt guilty about her family’s Christmas, especially after years of listening to others bemoan the bastardization of the holiday. Fortunately, she comes to realize that “to say that the secularists injure the Christmas spirit is much like the claim that two men getting hitched will besmirch the sanctity of marriage.” I can wholeheartedly agree with this statement, because Christmas has never been about Baby Jesus’ birthday for me either. So tomorrow, I hope that all us atheist, agnostic, and generally unaffiliated Jezebels can eat loads of cookies, drink some eggnog, spend time with our families, and watch Law & Order without feeling a trace of guilt. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. [Slate]

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Remedios Varo

Oi, this may or may not be the first Christmas in a long time no church has been involved. Consider me one of the many unaffiliated, but I feel like going to Midnight Mass is the right thing to do - just to pay my respects to Jeebus and whatnot.

Also, after a 36-hour period in which I will have baked chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal bars, peach pie, spice cookies, banana bread and yellow bisque (I call it that because it has like every yellow vegetable ever), I'm looking forward to a Christmas sans cooking anything.