Happy Endings Fans Are Freaking Out About a Potential Comeback

Someone who's either a hero or a master tormenter has been teasing clues that ABC's cult fave Happy Endings may be returning for a fourth season, which would make 2015 a year to remember. The latest hint is a tweet from the writers' Twitter account that references "Four Seasons."

There's also a countdown to...something happening on April 1 (good one). With Adam Pally officially exiting The Mindy Project and Damon Wayans Jr. leaving New Girl, pants are only getting wetter and wetter (from pee) with excitement. There's been no official confirmation from anyone, though, including the companies that could/would pick up a fourth season.


E! breaks it down as such:

  • Netflix isn't doing anything with Happy Endings, per the reps.
  • Amazon isn't doing anything with Happy Endings, per the reps.
  • Yahoo isn't doing anything with Happy Endings, per the reps.
  • ABC sources don't know about anything happening with Happy Endings.
  • TBS hasn't commented.
  • Sony has "no comment."

Are we suckers? Happy Endings was one of TV's most beloved, unapologetically absurd shows and yet the ratings didn't add up. The show's air day kept shifting before it was eventually cancelled. In a 2013 interview with TV Line, the show's creator David Caspe and executive producer Jonathan Groff spoke on where the storyline left off.

Thinking realistically, a comeback could still be a huge letdown if the full cast and writers aren't on board. The status of the former lead stars, per E!:

  • Adam Pally: Just left The Mindy Project. Has his own production company and development deal with ABC.
  • Damon Wayans Jr. Just left New Girl.
  • Casey Wilson Starring in Marry Me (future unknown), Hot Wives season two, baby on the way.
  • Eliza Coupe: USA show Benched was just canceled.
  • Elisha Cuthbert: On NBC's new comedy One Big Happy.
  • Zachary Knighton: On Fox's upcoming Weird Loners.



If it happens, here's my official reaction for the record:

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