Happy Divorce Is All The Rage

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Even before we read that the concept was netting its own TV show, we knew that today was all about amicable separation.


"I have nothing but love and respect for her," Pete Wentz says of Ashlee Simpson. He describes the songstress (?) as his "best friend" and says they're staying cordial for little Bronx. They also apparently went to In-N-Out over the weekend.

To the extent people model their conduct on celebrities' — and no offense to that couple, but it's hard to hope in this case anyone does — it's good to see them divorcing with decorum in the public eye. After all, Bruce and Demi are a rare exception that proves the acrimonious rule. But the Simpson-Wentzes aren't the only ones preaching the gospel of good divorce: also today came the news that Fran Drescher's show, Happily Divorced, is about to be picked up by TV Land. The premise is, presumably, that some people are cool with being divorced — as, apparently, she and her ex are.

Maybe "everyone's happy!" PR is the word of the day, but it's somewhat reassuring that not everyone got the memo. Eva Longoria, alone of today's celebrity divorcees, admits she "wants to cry" whenever she thinks of her split from Tony Parker. Fair enough: divorce is really hard. Except when it's hilarious!



A good friend of mine has a "happy divorce" situation, and I find it a little bizarre. Her husband had apparently been cheating on her for years and never had sex with her again after they found out she was pregnant. (Their son was nearly four when they separated). Even from my perspective as a fairly good friend, I had no clue anything was amiss in their relationship, and yet from what I know now, it sounds like it was horrid.

And yet, now that they've divorced and live apart, they still always travel together, they often share a bed (their son house-hops one day mom next day dad, so often if one parent is picking up the child late they just spend the night) though still no sex I don't think, they talk several times a day (though with their custody arrangement that's probably necessary), they tell each other about their new relationships and so on.

I think it's nice that they get along and that it's ultimately way better than hating each other and refusing to speak, but it's certainly a bit strange. I know that my friend's boyfriends find it very hard to deal with, for one thing.