HAPPY CAPSLOCK DAY • Granny Pickpocket "Terrorist" Arrested 73 Times

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• HEY, DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY? AND THAT IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SANTA AND RON PAUL? Ok, no more shouting. • A 50-year-old woman in China known as "The Paper Woman" suffers from a rare skin disorder which allows words to appear on her skin when she gently writes on herself with a fingernail. • A lawsuit filed 8 years ago by a former employee against Ringling Bros. Circus claiming that the circus mistreats its endangered elephants is going to trial next week in Washington. •• Oh yeah, remember the "pickpocket terrorist" from yesterday? It turns out that she has been arrested 73 times, not 37 times, and she alleges that she lives at the White House. • A new study of Japanese eaters suggest that people who eat quickly until they are full are three times more likely to be overweight. • A female Turkish interior designer is a member of team that is overseeing the construction of the Sakrin Mosque, the first mosque to be designed by women. • A shoe that belonged to Mr. Rogers and was pinched from the Louisiana Children's Museum by Tulane Law School students was returned yesterday. • Fans of Stockholm's AIK team heckled Jan Huokko of the Leksand hockey club when his team played AIK on Tuesday by throwing dildos on the rink, in reference to a sex tape starring Huokko and his girlfriend that was leaked earlier this year.• A new study reveals that 79% of women using hormonal contraceptives have concerns about their birth control method, mostly over issues that might harm the birth control's effectiveness like spontaneous sexual activity and forgetting to take a pill. • Valerie Tripp, the author of more than 50 "American Girl" books, based the popular stories of Kit Kittredge on her mother's experiences during the Great Depression. • The Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices decided today that adult smokers under 65 should get pneumococcal vaccine, a shot that protects against pneumonia, meningitis, and other illnesses. • The FDA announced that surgical mesh is linked to serious complications in women when the mesh is used to hold a patient's pelvic organs in place during procedures to treat incontinence. • A female football kicker for the New Creation Center Crusaders in Georgia helped her team beat the East Atlanta Mustangs, a team that originally opposed playing a female football player because of religious reasons. • A pregnant woman in Tokyo was denied admission to 7 healthcare institutions in Japan for emergency treatment on October 4th; she later died three days after giving birth and undergoing surgery for a brain hemorrhage at a hospital that finally agreed to treat her. • A popular female math teacher at Portland High School in Tennessee has been charged with having sex with three of her male students in a supply closet or off campus. •



i basically have that skin "disorder" but not as badly. i could write on myself but it would get really really itchy. I think it's cool that there's an artist who uses this to make patterns and such on her body (the picture with the article on the link is from her, although i can't remember her name) I wonder if she wants to scratch her self all of the time when she's doing that....