Happy birthday, Minnie Mouse! Today Disney's first femme fatale turns the ripe old age of 83. Time flies!

Unlike many Disney characters who wear the same outfit in all of their movie, comic, and TV iterations, Snakkle points out that Minnie's style has evolved over the years. She loves headbands and hats, has a killer shoe collection — heels so fab that even Lady Gaga would be jealous — and rarely is she seen in the same ensemble more than once. Minnie, we salute you and your fashion-forward thinking! You do a much better job of dressing yourself than your shirtless friend Mickey and your pantsless homey Donald Duck.

[Via Snakkle]


A still from Pluto and the Gopher, 1950.


A still from The Wayward Canary, 1932.


Totally Minnie, a TV special that aired in 1988 (that I totally remember from my own childhood!)

To see more of Minnie's signature looks, check out Snakkle.com.

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