Happy Birthday, Senator Clinton

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After what was perhaps the most exhausting, exhilarating, heart-breaking, moving, and amazing year of her life, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton turns 61 years old today. It is hard to even put into a short blog post what kind of a life this woman has lead over the past 61 years, but it has truly been an extraordinary one so far. I suppose I could list the biographical elements of her life, but anyone who has paid any attention to American politics over the past 15 years already knows of Hillary's accomplishments as both a lawyer, a First Lady, and a Senator from the state of New York. It is strange to think that at one point in this election, Hillary Clinton was the woman everyone was taking shots at, perhaps at times for the right reasons, and perhaps at times for reasons that look a bit silly now, in comparison to the platform on which Sarah Palin stands. But nobody can deny that Hillary Clinton, at her best, has the power to inspire both women and men, both little girls and little boys, to want something better, to keep pushing for something more, as her speech at the DNC this year showcased. In honor of Senator Clinton's birthday, the clip is after the jump. Happy Birthday, Hillary. And thank you.

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Happy Birthday Hillary! Wow, what a beautiful photo...she is the real thing.

How I would love to see Hillary wipe the floor with Sarah Palin in a debate. Hillary would make Sarah cry & run home!