Happiness Is Married, With Children

Score one for Family Values. Or at least another talking point for the rabid, ongoing, totally theoretical kids/no kids! war!

Reports the Telegraph,

For married parents, each child makes them progressively happier, Dr. Luis Angeles, an economist at Glasgow University, found. Writing in the Journal of Happiness Studies, he concluded that "raising kids makes married people happier", and that "the more they have, the happier they are". By contrast those who are single, separated or living together are more likely to have negative feelings about parenthood.


Earlier studies had, apparently, suggested something quite different: as EurekAlert explains, "Previous research suggests that increasing numbers of children do not make people any happier, and in some cases the more children people have, the less satisfied they are with their lives. Rather bleakly, this has been attributed to the fact that raising children involves a lot of hard work for only a few occasional rewards."

By contrast, Angeles concluded that the "happiness" seemed to be a direct result of whether the kids were planned, more common in marriages. And there's an obvious correlation between said planning and financial security, and schedule flexibility - the same things that can make child-rearing most stressful.

What can we take away from this? Apparently, that there is a Journal of Happiness Studies. And that Michelle Duggar is the happiest woman in the world. And Angelina Jolie, very rich.

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