NY Mag's Daily Intel pokes fun at trend pieces about lady-bonding spots and declares the women's bathroom the new place to network:

While most office-bathroom meetings currently involve pairing of co-workers, certain undisclosed but, we swear, totally hip observers of trends say that they think client meetings can't be far behind. Especially in those offices where they have the really nice soap and flowers and, like, plush chairs and only mildly tacky art and everything smells really genuinely clean, because who wouldn't want to do business with a firm that has such a Grade A bathroom? Anyone can do a nice meeting room or pick a good restaurant, but the office bathroom is where quality and attention to detail really come through.


The Daily Mail will be on this in about one hour.

Exclusive! Intel Uncovers Trendy New Spot for Work Meetings [Daily Intel]

Image via Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock.

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