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We've always been somewhat scornful of designer Lulu Guinness — there was always something too precious about her handbag collection, crafted to resemble pots of flowers and lipstick cases with that loopy-dee-loo swirl of a signature lambasted on everything. And, c'mon: She wrote a book called, Put on Your Pearls, Girls!. And yet, there appears to be more to this upper-crust obsessively ladylike purveyor of insanely performative femininity: The woman smokes! Obsessively! And better yet is bipolar. Just like Brooke Shields [Or Britney! -Ed.], girlfriend had a baby and went a little off the deep end. Says Guinness:

It's a very difficult illness to understand when it's happening to you, and not a pleasant thing, but the silver lining is that you spend a lot of time with other people who are depressed, you appreciate things a bit more and, through doing therapy and group sessions, you become a much wiser person. I think you learn to empathise. I'm not judgmental any more. I'm not as critical.


Wait, wait — Guinness is thankful for her depression because it made her nice? Ew, that doesn't sound like fun at all. Sorry, Lulu, we're going to have to go back to hating on you. Because that's the kind of depressives we are.

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