Hamptons Sex Party Is Actually Pretty Affordable for the Budget-Conscious Orgy Enthusiast

Are you an upper-middle class person who’s looking to attend the summer’s hottest sex party, but you also happen to be on a budget? Then the Hamptons are the place for you!

After opening its first U.S. based facility in New York City in 2015, Killing Kittens—a London-based private membership club for the “world’s sexual elite”—is further expanding its stateside operations with a June 18 sex party in East End. The location (because the party is more of a grower than a shower) is currently undisclosed.


So how much should you be squirreling away for this summer bone-down? It depends on the anatomical equipment that you’re bringing to the party.

Page Six reports:

Member couples shell out $400, while single women pay $150. [Jezebel edit note: Standard membership for an individual is £10 or $14.59.] Paying partiers are allowed to bring a single girlfriend for free and, of course, single men are forbidden. Private rooms can be had for $600.


Killing Kittens purports to be a female-friendly sex club—men cannot get in without a female escort and only women are allowed to initiate sexual encounters.

So board that Jitney and head to the Hamptons on June 18. Make a day of it and hit up a white party in the afternoon and an orgy at night. Who knows? You might see Countess LuAnn at both.


Image via Comedy Central/Review.

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