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Last week, the bookstore at Brigham Young University was forced to remove some sections in their card collection after a mix-up left them with — much to their horror — heartwarming cards congratulating gay newlyweds. HA.


BYU, the Mormon-run private school in Utah, is well-known for its anti-gay views. While being gay is no longer grounds for expulsion (as of 2010), "homosexual behavior" is. So it was a pretty big deal that a Hallmark vendor accidentally included gay marriage cards while restocking the shelves, an otherwise normal task. The cards weren't on display for long—the bookstore pulled the cards when they saw people posting photos of the cards online.

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

Asked why they were removed, Jenkins referenced BYU's honor code. It states that while being attracted to people of the same gender doesn't violate the honor code, acting on those feelings is a violation.

"Homosexual behavior includes not only sexual relations between members of the same sex," it states, "but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings."


Because writing your name on a mass-produced card is so physically intimate. All of this is beyond ridiculous — I wouldn't be surprised if the bookstore employees donned medical grade latex gloves to remove the cards from their stock. That's how fucking neurotic their views on and punishment of homosexuality are.

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