Halle Berry Heroically Addresses Shortage Of Celebrity Perfumes

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  • Addressing the alarming shortage of celebrity fragrances, Halle Berry, who is releasing her own, proclaims: "It’s a real, true expression of who I am — I was involved in all aspects of making it." [WWD]
  • Oh, those wags at PETA! In another devastating jab at their fur-sporting nemeses, the animal rights wits have produced "Trollsen Twins" masks for us to wear on Halloween! "To complete the "Hairy Kate" and "Trashley" look, PETA recommends Starbucks, cigarettes and boho chic gear." [MollyGood]
  • Hey! Wanna go to the Viktor & Rolf show? It's online! (No, you still can't afford anything.) [NY Mag]
  • Kaiser Karl is coming to America! Specifically, Vermont. Quoth Lagerfeld, “I love it. It’s very much Emily Dickinson." [WWD]
  • Leighton Meester "does her part to end domestic violence" by walking in a celebrity fashion show. [People]
  • Irina Lazareanu, the Barbra of modeling, says she's really retiring this time. [Style.com]
  • Yup, Alessandra Facchinetti's out at Valentino. [WWD]
  • We're starting to feel bad for Lauren Conrad's clothing line . [Perez Hilton]
  • And if LC and Heidi are too high-profile for you, perhaps you want to patronize a smaller designer, why, here's Audrina's denim line! [Perez Hilton]
  • Anna Wintour: the Rasputin of the fashion world. [NY Mag]
  • The CEO of Coach went all Joyce Carol Oates on us and just wrote a book about wrestling. [MediaBistro]
  • Are we the only ones who think of Electra from Gypsy when we hear about all these high-tech "intelligent" clothes? This new jacket has a solar panel. Hey, you gotta have a gimmick! [Reuters]
  • Possibly because of her complete blankness, Kate Moss is the most popular artist's muse of our age. [Independent]
  • Kate also really likes that solid gold statue of herself. [VogueUK]
  • She also doesn't wear underpants. And her hairdresser takes total credit for her style. [GraziaDaily]
  • Rich people discover second-hand clothes. [LA Times]
  • Uniqlo is up, at least. [WWD]
  • New beauty director at Nylon, late of ElleGirl. [Fashionista]
  • Vanessa Paradis on Johnny Depp: "Maybe I'm a good girlfriend because I'm his girlfriend. I'm not sure I'd be a good girlfriend to anyone else." Yeah, we're guessing we could go good for Sparrow, too. [ElleUK]

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Not being a celebrity, I'll never get my own stinky perfume. Which, if it was a true expression of who I am, would smell like some combination of red wine and gluten-free cookies.

I don't get who buys that shit either. Who are these people?