Hairy Issues

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Wait, so there isn't just an endless supply of glossy, ethically-sourced human hair waiting to be made into extensions for Jessica Simpson? Um, no. Although celebs and those they inspire may not choose to think too hard about where their borrowed locks spring from, according to a new BBC documentary, Whose Hair Is It Anyway?, the growing demand for human hair extensions has led to ethically dubious hair-culling, with sources ranging from Russian prisoners to corpses (although hair dealers deny both.) Just as well that the recent extension-related bald patches and errant red-carpet strands are raising the celeb consciousness quotient. [Times of London]

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Prison hair, not cool as I am considering it is taken against the prisoners will a la Sweeny Todd. Corpse hair? Honestly, I don't have to huge an issue with it really. My complete antipathy toward the physical treatment of the dead has disturbed people in the past but, honestly, YOU'RE DEAD. Who cares? After the funeral, someone wants to feed their kids by cutting off the hair you ain't using? I have very little issue with that.