InStyle Magazine has a section of its website dedicated to "Hollywood Hair Makeovers" — you upload your picture, pick your hair and shudder in horror. An alert tipster sent our way a link to the newest options, which involves Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Sadly, you have to have a headshot with your hair pulled back to use it effectively. Luckily, one of us (me) has a collection of candidate pictures on her hard drive and a (small) amount of time on her hands. So, after the jump, some iconic photos of Sadie McCain, Jessica Clinton, Dodai Palin and Megan Obama.


Sadie sadly got the short end of this particular stick, as I would suggest that platinum blonde is probably not her shade. But, she does get the most jewelry of any of us.

Actually, tangerine looks kind of good on Jessica, and the Hillary-do isn't completely terrible.


Dodai is much, much prettier than Palin and takes no photos of herself winking. She also doesn't need to tease up the back like that.


I'm just too fair to pull off the dark hair, I think, but I was about the right amount of happy to be up on stage next to Obama. [Hands off, lady. -Ed.] Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover [InStyle]

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