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In this economy, more and more people are dyeing by their own hand. Yup, salons are the latest economic casualty: P&G reports a 20% increase in home haircolor sales, while the salon chain RegicCorp has seen a 30% downturn. It's not just that people are cutting and coloring themselves, but also waiting longer between salon visits. Meanwhile, some beauty emporiums and chop shops are benefiting — even if our hair isn't. Just don't forget: even if that stylist friend who does her own cute crop makes it look easy, paying to fix an at-home job is not cheap. And we speak from very bitter experience! [LA Times]


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Hrm, this is pretty accurate for me, I am afraid. I am wating 10 weeks between a cuts and highlights,and I have short hair. I feel like a shaggy dog.

Only one more week till I go back!