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Hair Club For Men Founder Sy Sperling Talks About Eyelash Serum

Researchers have found a new way to cure male pattern baldness in the form of a product that you may just have in your own makeup cabinet.


You'll likely recognize the ads for Latisse, the FDA-approved eyelash rejuvenator, thanks in part to the promotion by beauties Claire Danes and Brooke Shields. The process apparently worked for them, and with that in mind, a Florida doctor has begun prescribing the drug to his patients suffering from male pattern baldness. The serum works by breathing life back into the lazy follicles, essentialy stimulating the hair follicles, which causes them to grow once again. Dr. Bauman claims 70% of his clients have seen hair regeneration upon use.

The biggest problem with this maybe-cure is that it is costly. A month's supply of Latisse costs around $150, which is just enough product to cover your eyelashes once a day. Imagine trying to cover an entire scalp — you can see how the price skyrockets. While the FDA has yet to approve Latisse for use on a person's head, there are no laws preventing a doctor from prescribing it — so forward this to any balding friend who's in need (and wouldn't be offended that you suggested the process!)


Eyelash Enhancer Could Help With Baldness

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Didn't Latisse like lead to discoloured eyelids or something?