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Hailey Glassman On Emotionally Abusive Boyfriend Jon Gosselin

It was hard not to feel at least a little bad for Hailey Glassman tonight on The Insider. For the entire show, she cried as she talked about hurtful comments from tabloids, and what a dick her boyfriend can be.

In the car on the way to film her segment for the show, Hailey opened up about how Jon is emotionally abusive.

It sounds like they have a codependent, miserable relationship.

Unfortunately, Hailey only believes that physical abuse is grounds for a breakup.


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I honestly cannot believe some of the responses here. Because we've decided she's a bad person or she should've known better she deserves to be abused? "Why doesn't she just leave him?" And since when the fuck is emotional abuse not still abuse? Some of you are doing to her what Linda Hirshman and everyone else in the world did to Rihanna, and I'm ashamed for you.