Hailee Steinfeld May Play Sleeping Beauty

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Screenwriter Lindsay Devlin has written a "revisionist take" on the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. This script is unrelated to the Disney project Maleficent, which Tim Burton is rumored to be directing (and in which Angelina Jolie would star the evil heroine).

Steinfeld was awesome in True Grit, and it would be great to see her sink her teeth into a story where the princess actually does something besides slumber. Maybe the prince is the sleeping beauty and Aurora slays the dragon?


'True Grit' Teen Hailee Steinfeld Attached To 'Sleeping Beauty' Spec Script [Deadline]

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Hopefully it's a revisionist take based on some actual version of the Sleeping Beauty story as opposed to Disney's which... well, I like it but it just has so little to do with the fairy tale (some of which are truly horrifying. I could do with out the rape/impregnation of Sleeping Beauty version being revised or referred to by anyone).

In most versions, though, the angry *fairy* (not witch) shows up uninvited, curses Beauty, and is never heard from again. She didn't care. She had no long-term interest or personal vendetta against anyone. She was just mad about being dissed by the royals, acted out in the moment, and left.

Meanwhile, Disney ā€” pioneering the subtle naming conventions that would inspire a young George Lucas ā€” creates Evil Witch Bitch Maleficent. Who has style, I'll give her that.